Saturday, April 01, 2017

Ready To Rock

I got my driving licence back on 11th March...whoopee!!!! So am no longer stranded in the middle of nowhere. Since then I have been buzzing. I am sleeping less and less and starting to get involved in music again. My CPN is currently off sick so the shrink came to see me on Tuesday. Unlike me she is concerned that I am becoming hypomanic and has prescribed Diazepam 5-10mg at night to help me get off to sleep. Much to my surprise it is actually working and helping me get off to sleep. However, four to five hours later I am up and ready to rock.

Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm Still Waiting

My wife seems much better now, coming to terms with her dad's death. My mood has improved and I am now on the level. My CPN has asked me to consider trying Lamotrigine again and I'm OK with that.

I am still wrapped up in correspondence with the DVLA regarding my fitness to drive. I last saw my GP on 16.08.16 and my consultant on 14.12.16 (this is a handy reminder for me). I am desperate for them to make a decision so I can begin my sentence. The latest hold up is due to another condition I suffer, atrial fibrillation. They want to make sure I don't suffer blackouts or dizzy spells.