Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Tired Of Waiting

So the shrink never turned up last Thursday. I phoned the office several times but just got an answering machine. I've had a letter since saying she's coming this Thursday. I've been high and not sleeping much. On Saturday night I was tired and took 100mg Chlorpromazine and copious amounts of alcohol,

I managed to get a few hours sleep. I saw the OT on Monday who at least gave me his phone number so I can try and get in touch with the shrink in future. I've been buying bits and bobs off Amazon but so far not too much. I managed to format the wrong drive on my music PC and lost two weeks worth of music! What a waste. I've decided to format the blog in a bigger font as my eyesight is failing. The CPN phoned to say she would come this week but I told her I was already in overload with the OT and the psychiatrist. Honestly it's like waiting on a bus; none for ages then three come at once. I'm still sleeping very little and spending about 16 hours a day recording music. I'm busy, busy, busy, but don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm getting very irritable with everyone as they are so slow. And I am getting frustrated with my inability to mange the drives on my PC. I have to get back to the music. Goodbye! ;)

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