Thursday, October 27, 2016

What goes up must come down

Things went rapidly downhill after the last post and I ended up spending a month in hospital after becoming severely depressed. There were no obvious triggers, no steady decline, I went from being OK to being suicidal within a couple of days. Weird. They started me on Fluoxetine and I slowly got better because of it or despite it. So that was the summer wasted down in the quagmire. While I was in hospital they discovered I was back in atrial fibrillation but this time the cardiologist has decided not to treat this as I have obviously had it for a while and am "too young" to be at risk of a stroke.

After the summer I had a couple of months of relative normality before sliding into hypomania and that's where I am just now. Last week the CPN visited and they decided to stop my antidepressant and prescribe me Chlorpromazine 50mgs. I haven't really slept for a week now, though I did have one night when I got a couple of hours after taking 100mg Chlorpromazine. I have been busy writing songs and trying to record stuff but it's difficult when you are driven with so many ideas. I filled my PC to bursting point and had to reformat it to get it going again. I have been mildly overspending but so far have managed to resist buying a nice Martin acoustic but ohhhhh I want it! However, I'm still grounded enough to know my wife would kill me if I spent that kind of money but all indications are that I am going high. Not before time either!....Yeeha!

Current Medication:
Sodium Valproate 2g
Aripirazole 30mg
Chlorpromazine 50mg
Thyroxine 50mcg
Bisoprolol 2.5mg
Atorvaststin 40mg
Aspirin 75mg

The shrink is due to see me tomorrow so if (and that's a big if!, the CMHT are very unreliable) she turns up we shall see what she does with my meds. Right, it's now 5am I'm off for a cup of tea and then maybe I'll try and get an hour or two of sleep before morning.