Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stuck In The Middle

It's been over six months since I wrote anything on here and to be honest there's not much to say. I have been mostly stable. I had a low in November but not so bad that I ended up in hospital. I had a locum shrink at the time who insisted I get out for walks and refused to medicate me. I had an episode of mild hypomania in March/April during which time I blew a lot of money including the purchase of a Gibson les Paul, great guitar but really not something I could afford. I'm not sleeping well at the moment and have been prescribed Zopiclone which ensures the wee bit sleep I do get is unbroken and restful. Other than that I guess I'm just a wee bit below par. My father in law has been very ill which has obviously stressed my wife and subsequently me. Other than that I'm OK.