Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Top Of The Pops

Sorry I haven't written anything for ages but  I have been pretty low in mood. I took to my bed a couple of months ago then ended up in hospital again. Now that I am cared for by the Rehab team I no longer go to the acute admissions ward but am instead cared for in the medium to long stay unit. I was really embarrased going in as I knew some of the staff from my days of working as an RMN. Plus it seemed confirmation that I have a serious chronic condition and not some glamorous showbiz label. Anyway they increased my Sertraline a wee bit and because of/or despite this I slowly improved. I was well enough to be discharged this morning but am still not feeling top of the pops.

Current medication:
Depakote 1g twice daily
Aripiprazole 30mg
Sertraline 150mg
Thyroxine 50mcg
Bisoprolol 2.5mg
Atorvaststin 40mg
Aspirin 75mg

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