Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Bloody Shrink

Got a letter from the DVLA saying that the reason they haven't got back to me is that they are still waiting on a response from my psychiatrist despite sending him a reminder. Mrs Mo tried to phone him today but needless to say he is on holiday. His secretary is adamant they haven't received any correspondence from the DVLA. I'm seriously pissed off.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


I am doing well at the moment; sleeping well, writing and recording music and have played a couple of gigs with my band. All in the garden has been rosy for a couple of months now.

The rehab team finally came to assess me on Thursday and boy did they make an appearance, they came en masse. A psychiatrist, a CPN, an OT and a medical student. However thankfully only the psychiatrist had the power of speech, the other three remained mute. I was asked about my history and how I had first presented to the service. The poor old shrink looked pained with sympathy (ho hum) but to be fair she was very nice. I forgot to sit down on the one remaining seat and instead paced the floor throughout the interrogation. Fortunately no one commented on this, they just looked on sympathetically grrrrr. After about an hour they left to make a decision about me in private. They will contact my CPN who will let me know in time if I am suitable. It was just like a job interview.

I applied to have my driving licence renewed in January but am still waiting to hear back from the DVLA. This is a real pain as I am well at the moment and keen to get out and about. And the fishing season has started!