Friday, October 12, 2012

The Crisis Team

My mood continued to get higher, so my Citalopram was stopped and I was prescribed 1mg Lorazepam as required. I virtually stopped sleeeping for 10 days and nights and began working furiously on all sorts of life changing projects which all amounted to nothing. Unfortunately my wonderful psychiatrist simultaneously decided to go on holiday and arranged for "emergency" backup. Oh dear! The "crisis team" now visit me on a daily basis but do little more than look very serious and sober (like pious clergymen waiting in vain at someone's deathbed), monitor my condition and state the bleedin obvious; suggesting things like aromatherapy and a nice warm bath before bed. (Thank God they don't work in acute surgery). But to be honest my wife does find them very supportive. Over the past two weeks or whatever it is now I've paced continuously when I wasn't dancing or singing or "repairing" computers or planning a singing career or a course in creative writing. However, I am now beginning to settle down.... there you go I've even managed to string a few coherent sentences together... and will hopefully now start to get some sleep. I will try my best to tolerate the crisis team's daily visits and be a good patient. Now, where did I leave that lavender oil.


Bob said...

I once had a few drops lavender oil on my pillow suggested by a nurse after only sleeping one hour a night for several days.
More like horse tranquilliser!

mo said...

Yup Bob, as an 18 stone man I would need a healthy dose of Ketamine to bring down. I'll leave the lavender with the Reiki and Feng Shui... only for critical emergencies.