Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Higher Love

Oh my God! I have gone high again. I have been up at 5am every morning writing and recording new songs and now have a whole new album. Hurrah! Moonstone is back from holiday and seeing me weekly. In an effort to rest me I am on Temazepam at night and Lorazepam during the day but I am still working at a furious rate. Long may it continue!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Shrink Returns

Dr Moonstone Woodstock returned from holiday today and saw me with a member of the Lavender Oil Company. Although I had been very down over the weekend, unable to concentrate or do anything, even listening to music without bursting into tears; I actually felt a bit better today. I don't know why. Anyway, after telling them this they decided to leave my meds as they are in case I come up again too quick. They are going to phone me tomorrow and see how I am.

Tonight my mood feels only a bit below par and I have been fairly busy on the computer and listening to music. So all in all not too bad, quite and improvement.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming Down

I'm coming down now. I had 5 straight hours of sleep last night. The support worker phoned to ask how I was (apparently there are no trained staff at the weekend). He says the nurse and doctor will see me next week. I felt down and had been tearful at times but didn't let on to him as there is nothing he can do ... well apart from the obvious fuckin' lavender oil.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Crisis Team

My mood continued to get higher, so my Citalopram was stopped and I was prescribed 1mg Lorazepam as required. I virtually stopped sleeeping for 10 days and nights and began working furiously on all sorts of life changing projects which all amounted to nothing. Unfortunately my wonderful psychiatrist simultaneously decided to go on holiday and arranged for "emergency" backup. Oh dear! The "crisis team" now visit me on a daily basis but do little more than look very serious and sober (like pious clergymen waiting in vain at someone's deathbed), monitor my condition and state the bleedin obvious; suggesting things like aromatherapy and a nice warm bath before bed. (Thank God they don't work in acute surgery). But to be honest my wife does find them very supportive. Over the past two weeks or whatever it is now I've paced continuously when I wasn't dancing or singing or "repairing" computers or planning a singing career or a course in creative writing. However, I am now beginning to settle down.... there you go I've even managed to string a few coherent sentences together... and will hopefully now start to get some sleep. I will try my best to tolerate the crisis team's daily visits and be a good patient. Now, where did I leave that lavender oil.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Getting high

The shrink was here just over a week ago and reduced my Aripiprazole to 15mg. This week I've gone a bit high; restless, singing and dancing all the time. I've started trying to purchase things but Mrs Mo is keeping me in check. she called theshrink today who subsequently visited and increased my Aripiprazole to 30mg, reduced my Citalopram to 20mg and prescribed a measly 0.5mg Lorazepam as required. She will phone tomorrow and visit again on Wednesday.