Thursday, August 23, 2012

The shrink returns

Moonstone was here today with a medical student in tow. I told her how I was sleeping morning, noon and night at the moment. My mood is a bit below par. She advised me to try taking my Aripiprazole at night rather than morning. She will return to review me in a month.

I recently saw Portillo (my GP) for my annual review, nothing of any note happened, my blood pressure is fine, I remain clinically obese. The only new thing is I have an underactive thyroid which has to be monitored.

We got a labrador puppy in June, which hasn't really taken to me but it does mean I get out and about and also means I have to get up out of my bed in the morning to walk it.

Despite my low mood I have been pushing myself to get out, going fishing and meeting my mates on a Saturday afternoon in the pub. The main problem at the moment seems to be puppy sitting which means I have to stay in unless Mrs Mo is at home. However, as the puppy gets older she should be OK to be left at home for a few hours of an afternoon. This will allow me to get back to the day centre which I miss going to.