Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guess I'm Doing Fine

I'm like the Grand old Duke Of York at the moment; "Neither up nor down". I'm actually feeling quite normal for the first time in... well the first time in 5 years I guess. The Citalopram seems to be doing it's job without sending me into hypomania. Recently I've been busy tinkering with some old computers, trying to make a silk purse from a few pigs ears. It's hardly life changing stuff but at least it's keeping me occupied. That's the worst thing about feeling normal, the boredom. When I'm high I'm bursting with ideas and busy doing stuff, when I'm down I couldn't care less. But this normal state of mood would be fine if I had a job... or even if I had a dog to walk. As it is I keep finding myself wanting to be doing something. Hmmm... on the whole though I guess I'm doing fine.

My current psyche meds are: Depakote 2000mg, Aripiprazole 20mg, Citalopram 30mg.