Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming Up

I think I'm finally on the way up. I've been really active. I helped my neighbour landscape his garden then did my own. I've also finally opened the door into the studio and recorded a wee bit of music, nothing exciting but it's a start. My sleep is now down to about 8 hours a night. All in all I'm feeling better and the shrink doesn't want to see for another couple of months. Hooray!


Oatcake said...

Good to hear.

Rosen Trevithick said...

Hi Bipolar Mo,

It's good to hear a positive story (at least, I hope it's positive, not the beginnings of mania.)

Anyway, I'm another person with bipolar disorder in the UK. I'm interested in getting in touch about a blog tour I'm doing for my new book (a fiction title that has nothing to do with bipolar disorder.)

Let me know if you're interested:

Mo said...

Thanks Oatcake.

Rosen, I shall email you