Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eat It

Food is the main theme of my life at the moment. I am constantly hungry. I am like a greedy pig always looking for anything to force down my ravenous gullet into my huge belly. Apart from eating there is nothing happening with me at the moment. My mood is flat and I remain disinterested and unmotivated to do anything at all. I haven't been back to the day centre but may try and make the effort next week if the weather is nice. Oh and I got my driving licence renewed for another year. Well that's all folks, I'm heading back to the couch for another snoooze... via the fridge.


jonespippa said...

Hi Mo!

do you have a facebook page or any way of messaging you privatly? I am at the start of what i feel is going to be a very long journey and the drugs most certainly dont seem to work!

Mo said...

Hi Pippa.
No, I'm sorry, I only communicate anonymously through this blog. I hope things improve for you soon. Best Wishes.

jonespippa said...

oh ok.
thanks for the reply

iambipolar2 said...

It sounds like food is your comforter and you need to find something to replace it. You could look into a therapist who works with eating disorders!

Kathy Garolsky said...

Good post here.Thanks for sharing this info.

eternalvow7 said...

I agree with bipolar2. Eating is good but not excessively. Talking it out in a counseling session somehow would help. I have done so when I also had eating pangs. Please look up to this site that I've referred. I hope it would help you. All the best. :)