Friday, April 08, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

I only hope I'm wrong but I am dismayed to discover that seems to have bit the dust and been replaced by some faff. Mental Nurse was undoubtedly one of the best UK blogs and a shining light for everyone involved in the field of mental health. Mental and Zarathustra put a huge amount of work into it as well as all the other participants over the years. I can only hope that it's a temporary glitch and all will return to normal soon.

They say all good things come to an end and this is just what has happened to the day centre I attend. We had a meeting today and it was revealed that the local council will no longer be funding the social inclusion/arts and crafts centre. It will now become an employability centre with a strict short term programme for those returning to work. Most folks were upset, particularly the over 65s who will definitely be excluded from the new regime. Most of us however are in the same boat. Some are just beginning recovery and others have enduring or fluctuating mental health conditions which prevent them from working. It all seems like yet another attack on the most vulnerable and socially isolated at a time when the government is about to assess all "workshy layabouts" who are claiming incapacity benefit. So it's back to being stuck at home again. We have a meeting with the council chiefs next week but it all seems a bit pointless as the decisions have already been made and they are entering into a dialogue with us after the fact. Perhaps they will pat us on the head and offer us some sweets.

I've had another letter from the DVLA about renewing my driving licence. They tell me I have another medical condition which I have not revealed... but they don't tell me what it is. How bizzarre. "Please tell us about the unrevealed medical condition which we already know about or your licence will be revoked" they tell me. I think it might be my high blood pressure so have filled in the form indicating that, but I may be wrong. Last year they were all concerned about my alcohol intake so it may be that? Unfortunately it's all very hush hush so I don't know what they want to know. What a bloody farce.


Gledwood said...

They are tight bastards. Why don't they cut the budget for those amateur police, you know the ones who wouldn't help someone in a crisis because they're not trained to do anything except walk up the high road harrassing people with mental problems. I think they should all fuck off. The charity helping me has had its budget cut from £6 million to £1.8 million in 2 years (so they're on £1.8 million now). Somehow they're supposed to provide the same service they always did on less than a third of the money. As if!

Pandora said...

Maybe you're hungry because you need minerals? How about adding some san pellegrino to the mix? I know, it sounds lame, but I believe it helps me sometimes with the blues...