Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stuck In The Middle

I'm still kinda stuck in the mud but am trying to wade out. Unfortunately the last time I went to the day centre it was closed for the day for staff training. I was seriously pissed off as it takes me an hour and a half to get there and I end up stranded in the middle of a strange town with only my social phobia for company. Being a fully mature adult I am responding by going in the huff and refusing to go back... well this week anyway. I've still got a half finished painting to do so will return once I have stopped gazing at the chip on my shoulder. In the meantime though I'm trying to go out for a short walk each day in an effort to burn a calorie from my humunguous body.

I got a letter from the DVLA to say my temporary driving licence runs out soon. Once again there were forms to fill in. Hopefully I will be spared the blood tests and medical exam this time as I continue to lie to the shrink and the doctor about my alcohol consumption.

Speaking of the shrink, Moonstone was here the other day. She made idle chit chat about the weather etc for most of the time. Towards the end she asked about my mood and I told her I was a wee bit below par. She wondered about an antidepressant but we decided to give it a miss. I was a bit surprised when she then asked whether I wanted a review in 6 months or just to be discharged. I asked my wife what she thought and she felt I should remain on the books in the meantime so six months it is.


Georgina said...

Just found your blog; have been skimming through(v. open and interesting I might add)I am actually looking for some Scottish bloggers-can you perhaps help? rsvp:)

Mo said...

Hi Georgina, thanks for dropping by. As for Scottish bloggers, hoots mon! just Google "Scottish bloggers" you'll get the top 100... though they sadly don't include me on their list ;o)