Saturday, November 20, 2010


I continue going to the day centre twice a week but I'm driving there, trying to fit into our local bus seat is like being forced into the Iron Maiden (and I don't mean a sexual encounter with Margaret Thatcher... nor Bruce Dickinson for that matter). Mind you all 4 options may be equally undesirable. I am getting really enthusiastic about the oil painting and see it as my next big thing. I wanted to rush out and buy all the kit so that I could do it at home but have been dissuaded until I'm sure I'm gonna stick at it... what are they thinking of?... moi, getting overenthusiastic about something, only to drop it like a lead balloon shortly afterwards... err... yeah... they may have a point.

So the day centre is going fine and I may actually stick it. The only bummer was "the meeting" which was as mind numbingly boring as every meeting I have ever attended. Nobody knew when the last meeting had been, all they knew was that they had lost the minutes. A guest speaker provided a cure for insomnia by droning on about something in a monotone voice like some kind of auditory tranquiliser. Someone asked him some questions and was then told to stop asking him questions as we had a lot to cover. But the next thing could not be covered because the person responsible wasn't at the meeting. So then came the inevitable "well has anyone got anything else they'd like to bring up?"... followed by the inevitable silence... followed by the awkward wrap up and close. Yup just the usual meeting. At least no one said "could you please address the chair" (I usually keep a sticky label with "26 Furniture Avenue, Woodsville, Kentucky" handy for just such an occassion. Not required this week.)

I feel a bit of an outlaw for being happy at a time of year. Unlike many folks with SAD (and people in general) winter is often my uptime, here's hoping this year stays true to form.

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Alistair McHarg said...

I love the Kinks and have always had a special fondness for this track. Their writing was always head & shoulders above the competition.