Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sleep That Burns

I'm still writing music at a frantic rate and have been recording songs in my little studio/broom cupboard. Still doing the radio show (at the moment). I ordered the parts to build a new computer, they took my money then a couple of days later emailed me to say the stuff was out of stock. So I ended up buying a laptop and am tearing my hair out trying to get used to this touch pad thing...grrrrr! It also has an auto-click thing so if I hover over a hyperlink it automatically clicks through. I have no idea how to switch this off so if you have any idea please let me know before I lose all my chips on Zynga poker.

Moonstone has been back to see me with a medical student in tow. Just her usual questions and my usual rehearsed answers. I was open about my sleep however which has increased slightly to 5 hours a night now. I'm happy with this as I have lots to do. I continue on the 15mg Aripiprazole and 2000mg Depakote.


Anonymous said...

Easiest thing to do would be to buy a cheap 20 buck mouse. You could probably prevent the silly hyperlink feature by editing the settings of relevant programs, or simply closing them, but that depends in finding the damn thing.

Mo said...

Hi there. Yeah I got a mouse but it's when I've got it on my lap it's a pain. The control panel driver thing lets me adjust touchpad speed etc but nothing about the fekn autoclick anywhere. But hey, at least I'm online.