Saturday, October 30, 2010

Magic Bus

Moonstone came to see me again on Wednesday with another medical student in tow. I got the usual questions about sleep, alcohol, activity, etc. She thinks I'm still a bit high so has increased the Aripiprazole to 20mg. She asked if there was anything else they could be doing for me. I didn't really think so but felt obliged to come up with something... a bit like a kid at confession desperately trying to think of a sin he may have committed. So eventually I mumbled something about maybe trying out the loony day centre if it could be arranged. They had refused to let me in previously saying I needed a consultant's referral . She immediately pulled out her mobile and phoned them (God bless her). No, no you don't need any referral, that's all changed, you just turn up. "OK" says I, "I'll give it a whirl". The next day I climbed aboard the mobile disco, public toilet and call centre otherwise known as a modern day bus. An hour later I forced my wedged body out of the cramped seat, relieved to escape the monkey house on wheels, and made my way to the day centre. I arrived there about 11am. I explained that my doctor had arranged for me to attend and guess what... the first think they asked for was... can we have your referral letter please.

What! No referral letter? I got ready to about turn and walk out but they said to wait while they phoned the regional manager. Eventually they got a decision from the Minister for Health or some such high official that I could fill in the referral form myself then get it signed later by the shrink.  What a palaver.

After all the paperwork was done they were all very warm and welcoming and it all went swimmingly. They do computer training and arts and crafts. I fancied trying a bit of painting so did that then nipped out to the local mobile minger van to grab a greasy burger for lunch. As I so rarely get out of the house I was desperate to indulge in the hugely risky game of food poison roulette. Despite the dodgy hygiene and the fact that it probably shortened my life expectancy by 5 years, the cheeseburger and onions were delicious.

I got back in time to find most folks leaving. Although it's open all day, apparently most folks just come for the morning. I sat around for another hour then made my way to the cattle market/bus station. The journey home was even worse, a fully laden bus full of screaming kids, swearing adults, folks shouting down phones, high pitched beats blasting from headphones and people eating stinky food. The woman behind me was loudly telling another passenger how she was off sick with severe whiplash and was unable to even lift a hairdryer at work. She moaned for 30 minutes about how the useless the doctors had been over the past few weeks, they couldn't find anything wrong with her, "so I just told them; if there's nothing wrong with me how come I'm fuckin' crippled in agony". She then got up and sauntered off the bus with 3 huge bags of shopping no doubt off to get ready for an evenings break-dancing. God it was good to get home. I will go back to the day centre though but next time I will try and get the car from Mrs Mo.


Lucida said...

On the insistence of my shrink, I popped by the local drop-in once this year. It consisted of a roomful of oblivious mutes all watching the telly. I forced myself to sit through an excruciatuing episode of Doctors before politely making my excuses to leave. Yours sounds alot more lively!
I had a similar train journey yesterday and was close to pressing the panic button!
Well done you for getting there (and back) in one piece! x

Hilary Chaney said...

I’ve just started blogging about my own manic break and hospitalization. It’s about recovery and treatment, but more importantly about discovery of a new post-religion faith where there is no hell, no original sin, you are God, and heaven on earth is real, radiant and right around the corner. A wild and triumphant ride.

Mo said...

Hi Lucida, yeah the last one I went to was all about sitting about waiting for nothing but this place kind of pushes folks into doing something constructive rather than vegetating. It's my bag baby. ;o)

Hi Hilary, I haven't quite discovered the new post-religion faith yet but it sure sounds like a happy place to be.