Friday, October 01, 2010


Just back from a week's holiday in Lanzarote. I actually enjoyed it which is most unusual because I hate going on holiday. I think the difference was that I was kept busy. The first day I took part in an organised activity, rifle shooting, and after that got roped into more. I got to know a few guys through this and ended up with days full of activities and company rather than my usual beached whale routine.

Things were going swimmingly until well... err... they went swimmingly. I agreed to play in a game of water polo and only afterwards realised I had my MP3 player in my pocket. Completely knackered!

The other bummer was that I didn't sleep well at all. Four hours max per night. I just wasn't tired. Although I got to sleep easily, I was wakening around 5am each morning. As Mrs Mo was still sound asleep I opted to read my book in the toilet at these times before going for an early breakfast at 7:30 then later phoning her to tell her to get up.

I'm back doing my community radio show again and working frantically on producing yet another album. The last CD went on sale and sold a grand total of one copy online.

I still haven't managed to get organised into building my new PC but that's the next thing on the cards. It's a bit scary as I've never did it before but it's just got to be fun!

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