Saturday, August 07, 2010

Take It Easy

I feel I should write something rather just than let the blog stagnate but in all honesty there is nothing much new to report in the land of Mo. I went for my ECG as planned and surprisingly it wasn't the nurse who carried out the procedure. It was the ex-receptionist who is now the phlebotomist, ECG technician and probably soon to be neuro-surgeon!

Although logic tells me it's a pretty straight forward task to carry out an ECG, my old school upbringing tells me this is a doctor's job, which may be grudgingly delegated to an experienced and well qualified nurse... but a fucking receptionist?... HELL NO! Of course it's just my Victorian snobbery and ageist view that "the old ways are the best". I mean nowadays it's not even a human being that takes your blood pressure, pulse and temperature, just a little blue box. We don't complain about that, no, no, that's marvellous, that's technology, progress. But an ordinary lady taking an ECG, well that's obviously an outrage.

I am of course being grossly unfair and abusive. The "ordinary lady" is someone I know and am comfortable with. She is extremely kind, friendly and supportive; rare qualities in even the most highly qualified health care worker, so I am more than happy for her to do this. She chats calmy and naturally throughout the procedure, making light conversation and confidently putting me at ease. Despite her lack of training (a mere phlebotomist/lab techinician) and my phobia of health care staff, she is more skilled than any registered mental nurse who has ever cared for me. I remain convinced that caring is an art and not a science. Sure, like any art there are basic technical skills you can be taught to give you solid groundwork but to excel you need to have a natural aptitude. Some brilliant artists are entirely self taught and some "intelligent" people never achieve success despite years of coaching.

That's enough bloody preaching! Anyway, Mrs ECG was kind enough (or instructed by Portillo) to apply anaesthetics to the electrodes as when I got home I fell into a deep sleep and had the best sleep I have had for ages.

Mrs Mo has seen the doc since and my ECG is fine but it's all been a bit pointless as he still hasn't prescribed me any medication. "Has he ever had risperidone?" he asked her, "yes" she replied. Unfortunately she was wrong, it's about the only antipsychotic I haven't had. Oh well, ho hum. Limbo again.

I finally got my CD completed and uploaded for digital distribution and was amazed to discover I sold an album on the first day. It will probably be the first and last but I was well chuffed.

Mrs Mo decided to walk to work the other day as there was a big event in town making parking a nightmare so I decided to go for a drive in the car, something I haven't done for ages. I went into Glasgow and had a walk round one of the parks. So now with the album complete I'll hopefully for the time being just be taking it easy.

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haha, that's pretty good! keep it up man