Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Pill

Well it's now been a week since I last wrote something but here I am back again.  I've went and bought a headset for the PC and I'm sitting here looking like Cher while dictating this week's blog entry.  It's not particularly fast being hands free as I'm constantly having to correct mistakes.  Maybe I should just leave the blatant errors for fun or even set up a competition... WIN A WEEK'S SUPPLY OF DEPAKOTE!. I can see speech recognition software isn't what it's cracked up to be but the novelty hasn't worn off yet and I'm still really enjoying it.  Thank god the neighbours can't see me, I must look like some X-Factor wannabe diva practicing my party piece.

Despite Sky now threatening us with a debt collection agency (poo-poo), I just bought another new guitar and also an electronic gadget which I won't even bother trying to explain to you non musos.

Mrs Mo phoned Portillo on Wednesday to find out the rselut of his discussion with Moonstone about my pills. "I don't know anything about this, she has never contacted me!" he protested. However, he did agree to pursue it and call her back... which he actually did! They have decided to defer prescribing me an antipsychotic until I have had another ECG to ensure my palpitations aren't indicative of anything significant. In the interim.. (cue fanfare of trumpets)... they have prescribed me Lorazepam... Ahhhh, joy of joys, the patient's favourite! Don't we all simply adore Lorazepam? Oh that lovely calming, mellow feeling. I am so pleased that in return I have agreed to actually leave the house and see the nurse for an ECG on Tuesady. Let's hope it's not a trap. Hey, that's tomorrow. Zoiks! I better stop prattling on and go and take another Lorazepam before they take them away.

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