Thursday, May 06, 2010

Waking Up

Last night I dreamed a nurse told me about the new DSM codes for bipolar disorder. She explained there would now simply be two possible diagnoses; "Bipolar Psychiatry" and "Bipolar Second Generation". "Which shall I fall under?", "Bipolar Second Generation" she replied. When I asked what this meant she said that it signified second generation Nazi. I woke up before I could ask her if this meant I was a second generation Nazi or simply fell into the age-group of people who were a couple of generations behind the Nazi regime in Europe. I woke perplexed knowing that I won't see Moonstone for 6 months so can't clarify this.

These days my dreams are so vivid and my days are so vague I wonder which is the real waking state. When I go to bed at night do I fall into consciousness? and then in the morning climb out of bed into unconsciousness?

In the daytime dreamstate I am still busy recording music... oh and I have also now applied for my temporary driving licence.

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Catherine said...

Hey Mo!

I understand about the vividness. I used to have this dream where I was in a concentration camp - that wasn't much fun. Sometimes there is so much action that I call them "movie dreams" and try my best o remember them so I can write a screenplay.

Oh, and I always think of the line from Johnny Got His Gun . . .

"Am I alive and dreaming, or dead and remembering?"