Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Uptight (Everything's Alright)

Everything is good. I am recording new stuff. I am buying new active monitors (... £180... which I can't really afford). It's all good!

My pal has brought me new acoustic panels for the studio. I have no idea if he wants money for them or if they are a gift. Who cares? All is well. I am writing, I am productive, I am positive. Magnifique. Uptight (Everything's Alright)!


bonkersbob said...

nice one mo, i'm also being more productive, long may it last

Catherine said...

Always enjoy your pictures.

I turned off comments because I wanted the journal to be mine again.

(word verification: "O Pity Po". I think it should have been, "O, pity Mo" =)

Mo said...

Great to hear from you Bob and even better to hear that you're doing well. Aye, long may it last indeed! Cheers mate.

Thanks for saying hello Catherine. It's fine that you've turned comments off. I consider it from time to time. Sometimes it feels like such a pressure/obligation to respond and sometimes I don't know how to and can spend ages staring at the page. Before you know it a day has gone. You do whatever you feel is right. I hope things are going OK for you just now and... see I'm struggling to respond to a fekn comment now! Aye, "O, pity Mo" indeed ha ha!!!

Anyway, thanks you two for dropping in as I was contemplating shelving this. Your comments have inspired me to do another post. Well done me hearties!!!

Best Wishes