Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper Roses

I'm incredibly busy recording music at the moment. Frantically trying to get stuff done before we go on holiday. Instead of wasting time writing here I thought I'd throw in a comment I've just posted on the delightful Abysmal Musings....

"Overconfident, hilarious, facetious, bad attitude, the funniest person I have ever met, the nastiest person I have ever met, friendly, over-familiar, hostile, passive aggressive, intelligent, superficial, an arsehole"... as an adolescent I fell into the role of court jester. It was an easy role to play. I forgot who I was, I still don't know. Actually I don't think I was ever anybody, I think I probably just invented a personality for my vacant mortal coil.

Occasionally I think I am that confident arsehole. However, mostly I know I'm not. It doesn't matter. People expect the joker and presume animosity if I don't perform. I can hardly try and explain "Oh don't be offended, the past 40 years have all been an act, I've been living a lie my whole life, I'm actually a very miserable twat". What's a phoney supposed to do?


David said...

'Ere! Who are you calling delightful? :-)

Mo said...

Sorry D... I must have been pished when I wrote it.