Monday, March 08, 2010

I belong to Glasgow

It's been a pretty drab week. I phoned in "sick" for the radio show. Didn't feel like doing much. Despite this I arranged to meet my brother on Friday. We wandered around Glasgow. Drove round the squalid housing scheme where we were brought up. Went for a walk along the Clyde.

We then went to the botanic gardens and pottered around like two old gits. I guess there's no "like", I suppose we are old gits now. It was a relaxed afternoon with no tensions and no family feuds. A new experience for our family. I think it might have been quite normal but not having any sort of benchmark for normal family life, I can only guess.

We drove round the loony bin where my mother had resided in the 1960s. The sprawling Victorian wards in extensive grounds were still there but were now luxury apartments. Strange how things turn around.

Apart from  the day in Glasgow nothing much else has happened over the past week.

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