Thursday, March 11, 2010


"My life runs out like sand" (Nelson)

Another hour, another day, another month and yet another year. It was 50 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught th.... no, it was 50 years ago today that I emerged from a cosy, warm womb into a cold, damp tenement. Apparently I was quite a surprise... my 41 year old mother had initially thought she had entered the menopause rather than pregnancy. I've just realised... if she were still alive she would be 91. Now that would have been a record breaker for our family. All my grandparents were dead before I was born. My dad died at 54, right on target for a man from Glasgow's east end. Sorry if I'm sounding morbid. I guess I should be celebrating life and making the most of it but like that tired old cliché, I still feel young. That seems to be the way for everyone no matter how old they are. Time is a strange beast. It seems like just a few days ago I was in my twenties, the best decade of my life; independent and optimistic.God I sound fuckin' ancient, soon I'll be reminiscing about how things were back in the good old days when children played in the streets, learned to read and write at school and respected their elders... and of course caught diphtheria and TB. All swings and roundabouts I guess. 

Although I've done little over the past couple of weeks, haven't been doing the radio show and barely been out, I'm actually feeling better now. I can feel a shift, a change. The past couple of days I have only slept for about 7 hours and got up around 9am instead of my usual lunchtime waddle out of my scratcher. That is definitely a good indicator. I also did a bit recording yesterday. Hopefully things are on the up and I'll soon be boucing around like a spring lamb.

As part of my half century celebrations I have decided to open up my blog archives which have been hidden for a while. Aren't you lucky. There is now a link on the sidebar for the old 2006-9 entries for anyone who is bored, nosey or just feels the need for a bit of self flagellation.

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