Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Radio Ga Ga

Last night I played live on local radio. Despite being on air for an hour, I only managed to play three songs. The rest of the time I chatted endless garbage of shameless self promotion, plugging my new album. Earlier in the year I had presented a show on the station for a few months before my summer downer arrived.

Today Dr Woodstock arrived at the house much earlier than planned, I was still eating my crunchy nut cornflakes. I lied through my back teeth inbetween gulping, crunching and spilling milk on my T-Shirt.

I told her everything was great, my mood was brilliant, I was sleeping well and had all but stopped drinking. My only concern was about my driving licence.What could she do? She could hardly call me a liar and in the absence of any objective evidence or monitoring she can only record my account of things.

She then pulled out the form from the DVLA and completed it in front of me. I told her this was a real conflict of interest, a bit like someone with a gunshot wound going to A&E and that I felt she should have warned me of her obligation of disclosure before I confided in her. I certainly wouldn't have been candid in my answers. She said it wasn't her fault and that Ben Elton (my first shrink) should have told me. That must be the mission statement of every NHS doctor... "It's not my fault".

Anyway she told me her responses as she filled them in. "Last episode October" so there I go, less than 3 months. "Harmful drinking above recommended limits" (however she did add "recently reduced"). So it all looks like it's done and dusted, licence gone. However, Moonstone felt it would not be a problem and as I hadn't been manic recently I should be fine. She was convinced I would be OK. This is a total turnaround from the last time I saw here when she said she was seriously concerned about my alcohol levels and that I contact DVLA immediately. My GP had also told my wife that none of "his bipolars" were allowed to drive. Once again it's complete inconsistency from the medical profession.I'm really pissed off with being fucked about.


j7budgie said...

Ay up Mo!!!
Just realised youre back. YIPPEE!!!
Love your humour man. Thing is with this bastard illness, you have to laugh or else you cry. I for one would rather laugh.... Ta for brightening up my day. J7budgie aka Jo.

Mo said...

Well hi there J7budgie...Jo...thang... welcome back. There's nothing like a bit of flatterry to stimulate me back into writing ;o)