Monday, November 02, 2009

Rat In Mi Kitchen

Although I'm getting more active now, I am becoming incredibly bad tempered and irritable. My wife is invariably the innocent target of my anger and I know she's finding me hard to deal with just now. We spoke about it this afternoon. I apologised at length and we discussed where she might get some support. Our previous  experience of the local bipolar support group wasn't really good, actually we found it to be as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Unfortunately, Moonstone Woodstock (my shrink) focuses on me, despite my main concern being my wife. Although "the talk" is always about families rather than individuals, I guess "the walk" still has a long way to catch up. Anyway, the missus is thinking about going back to see Michael Portillo (our family doctor) who has been helpful in the past.

It was a big day in the kitchen for me today. I was making soup and overdid it a bit (too many lentils, turnips and potatoes) so ended up filling two pots instead of one.

I also baked some bread rolls and went on to cook duck in raspberry sauce for dinner. I enjoyed the cooking (but you'll notice I have only revealed the soup and not the err.... (slightly overdone) rolls nor the (more red wine than raspberry sauce) on the duck (and not just in my glass)..

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