Saturday, November 28, 2009

Play That Funky Music

It turned out to be a bit of a weird gig last Saturday night. Not in a hall or a club or a pub but in somebody's house! Turned out it was a doctor's house (my favourite profession...NOT!) so I was happy to turn my amp up full blast and drink all their beer. I managed to restrain myself and not use the lipstick in the toilet to write "you are all bastards" all over the walls. Just as well cos at the end of the night I was handed £60 for playing pathetic renditions of "party favourites" like Hi Ho Silver Lining. I conveniently forgot my principles and grabbed my 30 pieces of silver before leaving with cap in hand.

The next day I blew the money on an external hard drive for the PC. My happiness was short lived however as the wrath of God was cast upon me and for my sin of avarice the Almighty sent forth a great plague and so I was struck down with that most hellish of diseases... manflu!

I had flu like symptoms for most of the week and took to my bed, fortunately I slept most of the time. Didn't have much of a runny nose, mostly headache, nausea, pains and fatigue. Not sure if it was swine flu/H1N1 but I certainly wasn't contacting the NHS, I just took paracetamol. Fortunately I had downloaded an audiobook (History of Western Philosophy) which along with an electric blanket ensured long periods of unconsciousness. You can't beat an audiobook to bore you to sleep. Without warning, and for reasons known only to the virus, I suddenly made a complete recovery at 4pm yesterday.


Azulinebloo said...

Hi Mo, I love how you have such a great way with words, you make having flu sound like fun! (Almost!!)

Mo said...

Hey Bloo!

Great to hear from you again. Not having the flu is even better fun.