Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starting All Over Again

I'm back!

Due to concerns about my anonymity being blown and my identity being revealed, I closed this blog down eight months ago. Now things have changed, I'm not so bothered anymore and a few folks have encouraged me to restart my blog for various different reasons. One of which is to keep me busy. I know it's only a few lines but it takes my sluggish old brain quite a while to prepare and write down this banal drivel. So this is a kind of activity therapy... as well as being a platform for me to show off my dazzling wit and repartee ;o)

Anyway, here we go again.


NiroZ said...


I knew I should keep this feed in my reader just in case. Woot!

Although, to be honest, it may just be that I'm manic. Eh.

Mo said...

Manic or not... thanks for the warm welcome, I only hope it's worthwhile reading.