Sunday, November 01, 2009

Autumn Almanac

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" might have been a better title for this post because despite my staunch Christian upbringing, Sunday is no longer spent worshiping some all powerful deity in a state of dour sobriety. No, nowadays Sunday is invariably bloody shopping day.

To be fair, I don't really mind buying the groceries as I do the cooking. Well, I say I don't mind ...BUT... come to think of it, I actually stomp round Tesco's, blood pressure rising at the sound of screaming children, mothers chatting while combining their trolleys to make an impenetrable barrier in the aisle, staff announcements in that dreadful Stepford Wife sing-song voice which always drops down 5 semitones at the end of each banal SENtence, gormless teenage staff pushing huge trolleys of fruit right towards you while staring at the floor, doddery old ladies who were probably young women when they entered the shop but have been walking at such a slow pace they have spent 63 years trying to find the Tena Lady shelf. Yeah, I really don't mind the grocery shopping!

In my last post I mentioned I was going to try and maintain this blog again as some sort of therapeutic activity, rather than just do nothing. I haven't decided yet whether to include the archives of the last blog which runs back to 2006 and/or a private diary I have kept since. I think I'll just wait and see how things pan out here initially.

As well as writing the blog, I'm also going to try and take a photograph each day as photography was something I used to enjoy. I took my little pocket Vivitar with me and on the way to Tesco's asked my wife to stop the car so I could shoot a beautiful Autumn scene we came across on the way. Unfortunately it was an extremely dull, overcast day and my picture was ruined by camera shake. However I've tried to rescue it in Photoshop by using an oil paint effect so sharpness doesn't matter.

As well as the pictures, I'm going to try and title my posts this time, using song titles. My back has been troubling me these past few days and strangely enough there is an autumn song that contains the line "Oh my poor rheumatic back"...


Scream said...

Thanks for the perfect description of grocery shopping. Here in the USA we also have to deal with gluttons blocking the isle. They ride around in motorized carts that are provided by the store for all the people who are too fat to walk.

David said...

Good to see you back Mo.

Mo said...

Look on the bright side Scream, at least you've got rid of Bush now.

Thanks David, let's hope it lasts.